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Note from DC - 4/4/08

Wow! Haven't touched this page in a while....

Actually if you're lookin for the latest news - go to the homepage link above. This news page seemed like a good idea at the time, but oh well, it will probably be going away - or turning into a blog, or something - but not quite yet, as I've no place to the Don Ellis video below. Actually that video is probably going away as well, as I think there is some far better Ellis footage coming real soon.

So go back to the homepage for the latest stuff - including links to the new DC YouTube page, the Don Ellis Reunion gig pics as well as links to the new Transvalue website that Chuck Britt and I finally got up and running. Again all on the homepage. :-)


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Note from DC - 4/13/02


"Well, I guess the big news would be the launch of this website. There is still lots to add, but after much procrastination I felt it was time to just get it posted. I hope you agree and I look forward to your feedback."

"At this point, the site is mainly bio/discography-type stuff. The recordings section has "buy" links not so much as a recommendation of Amazon, but because of the audio excerpt files available there."

Don Ellis at Montreux

"Obviously I'm very excited that this (my only live recording with Don) has finally been re-issued on CD. The extra previously unreleased tracks make it even sweeter. I hope to post some video clips from that concert soon - but until then here is a RealVideo clip of "Pussywiggle Stomp" recorded during the same tour that I found floating around the web. Sorry about the quality, but It is really compressed.

Pussywiggle Stomp - RealVideo 2.5mb

Other news

"Recent work has included some sessions for the Bruce Lofgren Jazz Orchestra's upcoming CD (as well as a very enjoyable gig at Steamers Cafe in Fullerton on 4/7), a few nights in the pit at the Pantages for Lion King, ongoing work towards the completion of the Transvalue III CD, a benefit concert for breast cancer research with Burt in Dallas honoring two First Ladies - Mrs. Laura Bush and Mrs. Tony Blair as well as apperarances with the San Diego Symphony and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, and, of course, preparing for taxes." - David

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